Why choose Mercedes-Benz?

Enjoy prestige. Mercedes-Benz is a brand that is associated with a discerning lifestyle.

Focus on performance. Mercedes-Benz prides itself on offering vehicles that are powerful and stylish.

Choose your purchase model. You can either buy a Mercedes-Benz or lease one, depending on your needs and desires.

Stay protected. Extended warranties help to protect your investment, and they are financeable.

  • Why buy a Mercedes-Benz?

    A Mercedes-Benz is a fun and respectable vehicle that enables you to get where you need to go in the Nashville area. The prestige associated with the brand and the performance that these vehicles offer are certainly reasons to buy a Mercedes-Benz. Many people who own a Mercedes-Benz look at it as a status symbol. You too can enjoy the social benefits of owning one of these vehicles.

    When you buy a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, you are making an investment. These vehicles are great for handling daily driving tasks but are also an asset that can prove valuable in the future. Making sure that you take care of the Mercedes-Benz you buy can help you keep the value if you choose to trade the vehicle in later.

    For more than five decades, Mercedes-Benz has worked diligently to stay in the lead when it comes to safety. The four principles of safety - including safer driving, dangerous situations, during an accident, and after an accident - are considered during the design of each Mercedes-Benz. This ensures that you are driving a car that has plenty of features to keep you safe.

  • Why lease a Mercedes-Benz?

    Leasing a Mercedes-Benz gives you a way to enjoy the prestige of the brand without having to make a purchase. This enables you to drive the vehicle for a predetermined amount of time and upgrade to a newer model when the lease period is completed.

    When you lease a Mercedes-Benz, you will have the benefit of not having to worry about what you will do with the vehicle when it is time for a new one. You simply return the leased vehicle and look into leasing the next vehicle you want to drive. Of course, you also have the option to purchase the leased vehicle if you don’t want to give it up.

    Another bonus when you lease a vehicle is that you don’t have to worry about being upside down in the vehicle. Additionally, all parts and labor costs are fixed when you sign the lease contract, and you have the benefit of a manufacturer’s warranty even if you lease.

    While leasing a Mercedes-Benz is a less costly option than buying a new Mercedes-Benz, you have to think about the lease terms. Some leases come with mileage restrictions and limitations on the wear and tear of the vehicle. If you are using the vehicle to run around town to go shopping, spend time with friends, and grab a bite to eat, you likely don’t have to worry about going over the mileage limits set forth in the lease contract.

  • What are the benefits of purchasing the extended warranty on a Mercedes-Benz in Nashville?

    One option you may have when you have when you buy a Mercedes-Benz is to buy an extended warranty on the vehicle. Before you decline the warranty, think about the peace of mind it can give you. If a covered issue occurs, your budget will likely thank you if you have this coverage since it will cover some or all of the covered issues.

    The extended warranty on a new Mercedes-Benz is financeable. You won’t have to come out of pocket to pay the cost of the extended warranty up front. You can enjoy the benefits of this warranty coverage throughout a longer period than what is possible if you opt to stick to the standard, regular warranty.


  • All around luxury

    “I love my Mercedes-Benz S-Class. It was named the World Luxury Car in 2015. The ride is amazing and it is powerful.”

    Stacy L.
  • Top-notch car

    “I found out that the Mercedes-Benz C-Class won World Car of the Year 2015 Award. This doesn’t surprise me at all. I love my car and can see why others would love this class, too.”

    Ryan S.
  • “I was shocked to find out that my Mercedes-Benz model won an award for being an environmentally friendly vehicle. It won the World Green Car award. Comfortable ride, good power, and a good choice for the environment. Win!”

    Tamela K.
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