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It’s Time to Prepare

As your Mercedes-Benz lease approaches maturity,  we are here to make the lease-return process simple, easy and efficient – regardless of where you purchased your Mercedes-Benz.  Mercedes-Benz of Music City is Middle Tennessee’s Lease Return Destination.

You don’t even have to wait until your lease is over, let us show you how easy it is to get into a new Mercedes-Benz of your choice right now

We accept Mercedes-Benz lease returns regardless of which dealership you leased the vehicle from. Mercedes-Benz of Music City is your lease return center in Nashville and the entire middle Tennessee area.

We hope that you have fully enjoyed your First Class Lease. Now that you are near the end of your lease, it’s time to familiarize yourself with our Lease Return Policy. By scheduling a Vehicle Condition Review before returning your vehicle, you can be assured that you have everything to make your lease return as simple as possible.

What happens during a Vehicle Condition Review? The 45-minute process allows our factory-trained technicians to evaluate your vehicle’s condition, discuss with you any excess wear, review the options of repairing or replacing any damage, and answer all your lease return questions. Vehicle Condition Review appointments are available Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Before you schedule the Vehicle Condition Review, print out the Three-Point Inspection checklist. This unique guide will help you understand what is considered excess wear and use and determine the condition of your vehicle. While the standards in your lease agreement provide you with a detailed definition of excess wear and use, the Vehicle Condition Guidelines illustrate how we identify and determine whether damage is considered excessive.

How does the lease vehicle inspection process work?

Lease Inspection Process


All leased vehicles must be inspected.  An authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership carries out inspections at the time of the return. The Mercedes-Benz dealership provides detailed inspection reports on lease maturities.  The inspection is a fair and accurate assessment of each Lease and Fixed Value (Walk-Away Balloon) maturity.  This process provides an accurate and professional assessment of the vehicle.  The process also allows the customer to repair/ service the vehicle prior to maturity.

There is no charge for vehicle inspections.


The standards for pre-turn in inspections are outlined in the document: “Your First Class Finish Vehicle Turn-In Guide.”  Every lessee is mailed a copy of this brochure at approximately 120 days prior to maturity.  According to the “Your Fist Class Finish Turn-in Guide”, the following are considered NORMAL wear and tear:

  • Minor dings, dents, bumps (these must be smaller than the size of a credit card and less than five (5) per panel)
  • Lightly soiled upholstery
  • Rust spots smaller than the size of a credit card that do not penetrate

The following are considered excess wear and tear and are billable items:

  • Missing parts
  • Damaged glass (includes any stars or nicks to glass)
  • Torn, badly soiled, burned upholstery
  • Tires not the same size, (except those vehicles delivered originally with different size wheels and tires in front vs.
    back) have sidewall plugs, cuts or exposed cords
  • Wheels that are broken, cracked or bent
  • Substandard body shop repairs
  • Body frame damage
  • More than 5 minor dings, dents and bumps per panel

A plastic card enclosed in the brochure defines size tolerance standards for the customer and sets realistic expectations prior to the vehicle’s inspection.


The lessee’s financial obligation is outlined in the contract under Return of Vehicle.  The section numbers may vary from state to state.

For more information please refer to your contract or contact Mercedes-Benz Financial Services.


Complimentary Pre-Inspection Lease Return

Please schedule a time to meet with our Lease Return Center manager for your complimentary pre-inspection and to discuss your options.
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