Why choose Mercedes-Benz?

Reliable vehicles. Mercedes-Benz vehicles are routinely given safety awards from agencies that study these important factors.

Prestigious backing. Mercedes-Benz stands by its vehicles and the performance that our customers expect.

Lease and buy. You can choose from leasing a new Mercedes-Benz or buying the vehicle you want.

New or used. Whether you need a new vehicle or are in the market for a new one, Mercedes-Benz of Music City has something to offer you.

  • Are Mercedes-Benz reliable cars?

    Mercedes-Benz vehicles are very reliable. These vehicles are built on a principle of safety meeting luxury. Mercedes-Benz vehicles often win awards for safety. The Mercedes-Benz C-Class vehicles qualify for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Top Safety Pick+ rating. Mercedes-Benz holds around 80,000 patents for various features and components of these reliable vehicles.

    Even Certified Pre-Owned vehicles come with 24-hour Roadside Assistance and a warranty. Mercedes-Benz stands behind its vehicles. Many of the safety features that are common in vehicles today were developed by Mercedes-Benz. The prestige of these vehicles is only part of why people flock to the Mercedes-Benz line.

  • What are the advantages of buying a vehicle from the Mercedes-Benz of Music City dealership?

    Only authorized dealerships can sell new Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Mercedes-Benz of Music City cares about its customers and its employees. The culture here is one that puts satisfaction at the heart of each day. We know that our customers expect the best and we want to prove a work atmosphere that enables our employees to provide this.

    You can look into new and used vehicles at Mercedes-Benz of Music City. We can help you to find a vehicle that meets your needs and your desires. Unlike some other vehicle lines, you can enjoy luxurious standard features on new Mercedes-Benz models. Many of these features are options on other makes of vehicles.

  • Why should you buy from Mercedes-Benz of Music City?

    We are part of the Dream Motor Group, which owns luxury automotive dealerships all over the south. Our group’s core guiding principal mandates that our culture come first. We employ a painstaking process to hire team members that are not only like-minded but more importantly like-hearted and you will feel the difference when you enter one of our stores. I promise.

    Due to the size of our group we can offer our valued customers a huge variety of inventory with literally over one thousand new vehicles in stock across the Dream Motor Group.

    In addition, our size affords us the ability to give you more money for your trade as we can place your vehicle in the market and store that is optimal for its resale. This makes a big difference for you.

    We have a 3 / 30 sales promise. If you buy a vehicle and it does not meet your expectations, you can return it for a full refund within 5 days. If you decide you don’t want it after 3 days but before 30 days, you can trade it in for full value.

    We are also able to provide services that other stores do not. We have brand new loaner cars available for you, massage chairs in our lounges, a coffee bar, an ice cream bar, a juice bar and local chocolate. Valet services and other amenities are also available to show you how deeply we appreciate you.

    We believe in giving back to the community. The list of charitable organizations that we have either founded, sit on the board of or just contribute to makes us proud of who we are.

    Our mantra is simple…. We will trip, fall and skin our knees trying to delight our customers.

    Mercedes-Benz vehicles are powerful and comfortable. The company places an emphasis on meeting and exceeding expectations of people who come to Mercedes-Benz for a vehicle. Even the most discerning person will find something to enjoy in a Mercedes-Benz.

  • What is the difference between leasing and buying a vehicle from a Mercedes-Benz dealership?

    There are a few differences between leasing and buying a vehicle. The main one is that you own the vehicle when you buy it, but you are only borrowing it for a fee when you lease it. Purchasing a vehicle is ideal for people who want to enjoy the vehicle for a long time to come. Leasing is a better option for people who want to enjoy the most current model of vehicles often.

    When you lease a vehicle, you have it for a predetermined period of time. If you find that you are in love with it when that time ends, you can purchase the vehicle. If you are ready to try out a new model, you return the leased vehicle and pick up a new vehicle.


  • “I love driving down the street in my Mercedes-Benz. I know that it is a safe vehicle. I can enjoy listening to my favorite radio stations and the Bluetooth makes it easy to answer phone calls that I can’t miss. I won’t ever own another vehicle.”

    Carey D.
  • “The Certified Pre-Owned program is something beyond compare. I enjoy knowing that my car came with Roadside Assistance and the warranty lets me fully enjoy my Mercedes-Benz.”

    Marcia O.
  • “I chose to lease my new Mercedes-Benz C-Class. I can’t wait to decide what Mercedes-Benz I will get when the lease on this one is over and it is time for a new one.”

    Riley V.
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