Zack Romero

November 28th, 2017 by

November 28, 2017
Guess what! It’s #TeamMemberTuesday!

This week, get to know our Product Concierge, Zack Romero.

Spring, summer, fall, or winter? Please share why.
Zack: FALL… Being from the MS Gulf Coast I’ve never actually experienced a true fall. The leaves changing colors have been my favorite by far, I think I’ve taken a picture of every tree I’ve seen in Nashville. Fall is also my favorite because of the cool weather that we have had.

If you could choose one hobby that now seems out of your reach either financially or time-wise, what hobby would you take up and why?
Zack: Traveling! Going to new places is one of my favorite things to do, getting in the car and just driving is so calming and enjoyable to me. If I had the time, I would love to explore more of the United States as there are so many amazing places I haven’t been to.

Favorite holiday movie(s)?
Zack: My favorite holiday movies would have to be National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and The Grinch.
-Christmas Vacation is absolutely hilarious and it also teaches us that no family is perfect.
-The Grinch shows no matter how bad you may think things are that during Christmas you should really love one another and be cheerful

What is one Mercedes-Benz feature that wows our customers the most?
Zack: I would have to say that Mercedes-Benz attention to detail wows our clients the most, from our interiors, exterior styling, performance to our safety. I talk with many clients everyday and after they test drive other manufactures they all say the Mercedes-Benz just feels different. I believe that we have the best product on the road.

You got a new GLE 350! What are you enjoying most about it?!
Zack: I did get my 1st Mercedes-Benz! I think my favorite part is the technology, the car can do so many awesome things from comfort wise to keeping me safe. The complimentary MercedesMe app and the 360 Camera would be my top two so far. There are to many things to choose from!