European Delivery Program

Meet your new Mercedes-Benz at the place where it was born.

When you visit the factory to pick up your vehicle and see the museum, your experiences become part of the Mercedes-Benz story. The Mercedes-Benz story is one of invention, innovation, and engineering leadership second to no other manufacturer. The first automobile was designed and manufactured in 1886 by Karl Benz. Mercedes-Benz lays claim to over 100,000 patents and we continue today as the premier leader in development of new advanced automotive technology.

Whether you’re winding your way through snow-capped villages, or venturing into the majestic countryside, there’s no better place to immerse yourself in the Mercedes-Benz experience. That´s why we created the European Delivery Program.

With European Delivery, you’ll not only enjoy “The best or nothing” against the backdrop of Germany, you can also save up to 7% on your vehicle’s MSRP*, depending on the model (discounts vary, not all models are included, and not all models are available).

What’s Included

Your European Delivery experience includes accommodations in one of our luxurious hotels in Stuttgart or Bremen. Upon arrival in Germany, you’ll enjoy a factory tour where you’ll pick up your vehicle for the very first time.

With a full tank of gas and fifteen days of European road insurance, your road trip will truly begin. At the end, simply leave your Mercedes-Benz at any one of the designated drop-off points, and you´ll be reunited on the other side of the Atlantic.

Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC offers an all-inclusive program:

  • Up to 7% savings on the total MSRP for eligible models
  • Delta air line voucher of $200
  • One night accommodation in one of two luxurious hotels in Stuttgart or Bremen
  • Breakfast or lunch at the Delivery Center restaurant
  • Taxi credit for ride from airport or main railroad station to the Delivery Center or hotel
  • 15 days European Road Insurance with zero deductible
  • Tickets to the Mercedes-Benz Museum
  • A tour of the Mercedes-Benz factory
  • Full tank of fuel
  • Conveyance from eleven European Drop-off Points to port of shipment
  • Ocean freight to a U.S. port
  • Marine Insurance
  • Vehicle Preparation Center Processing to factory standards
  • Transportation to the selling/delivering dealer
  • Destination charge of $925 is waived

Drop-Off Points and Accommodations

Your journey begins with a one-night stay at your preferred hotel in Stuttgart or Bremen, then breakfast or lunch at the Sindelfingen or Bremen factory restaurant.

From there, you can extend your trip for 4-6 nights with one of our luxurious travel packages. Ordered through your dealership, these unique packages cover all of your travel needs as you tour through Europe in your new Mercedes-Benz, with locations ranging from the Swiss Alps, to the Black Forest, to the French Riviera, and more.

Drop-Off Locations:

• Germany – Hamburg, Berlin, Bremerhaven, Frankfurt, Munich, Sindelfingen
• France – Nice Paris
• Switzerland – Geneva, Zurich
• Spain – Madrid* (not free of charge)
• UK – London* (not free of charge)
• The Netherlands – Amsterdam
• Italy – Milan, Rome, Florence* (not free of charge)
• Slovenia – Koper (not free of charge)

* Drop off locations that are not free will incur an extra charge.


Your journey begins with a one-night stay at your preferred hotel in Stuttgart, then breakfast or lunch at the Sindelfingen factory restaurant.

From there, you can enjoy your trip, ranging from the Black Forest to European cities like Berlin, Munich and Geneva. Once your trip is done, your vehicle can be dropped off at any of our drop off points and it will be safely shipped to the United States.

Standard One Night Package

One (1) night in Stuttgart or Bremen, Germany (for one or two persons, including breakfast).  This is included in every order at no charge to the customer.

Optional Packages Below

In addition to the standard one night package (as outlined above), you can choose to purchase one of the packages below for an extra charge of $2,000.   This will be a separate charge and will be billed to your vehicle order through the dealership when your new vehicle order is placed for European delivery.

Alps Rally & Alsace Region

Four (4) nights in total (two persons, including breakfast)
One (1) night in Strasbourg
Two (2) nights in Interlaken
One (1) night Geneva  (drop off point)

Black Forest Package

Four (4) nights in total (two persons, including breakfast)
One (1) night in Baiersbronn
Two (2) nights Hinterzarten
One (1) night Munich  (drop off point)

Bremen, Prague & Berlin

Four (4) nights in total (two persons, including breakfast)
Two (2) nights in Prague
Two (2) nights in Berlin (drop off point)

French Riviera Package

Four (4) nights in total (two persons, including breakfast)
One (1) night in Davos
One (1) night in Lake Como
Two (2) nights in Nice (drop off point)

Kings, Castles & Mozart Package

Four (4) nights in total (two persons, including breakfast)
One (1) night in Hohenschwangau
Two (2) nights Salzburg
One (1) night Munich  (drop off point)

Provence Package

Four (4) nights in total (two persons, including breakfast)
One (1) night in Montreux
One (1) night in Grenoble
One (1) night in Cannes
One (1) night in Nice (drop off point)

Slopes and Seaside in Slovenia

Five (5) nights in total (two persons, including breakfast)
One (1) night in Munich
One (1) night in Salzburg
One (1) night in Maribor or Bled Lake
One (1) night in Ljubljana
One (1) night in Portoroz
Drop off location in Koper

*Additional nights, rooms, and/or guests can be accommodated for all packages, for additional expense, varies by hotel. Additional nights/rooms beyond the packages offered above will be charged to your credit card. Festivals/holiday periods will incur additional cost. Holidays, and especially during the Oktoberfest in Munich rooms are not guaranteed. Credit card information is required for hotel guarantee purposes. In some Hotels parking is an additional cost.


The above is subject to change without notice. Cancellations of travel and hotels may result in non-refundable fees, depending on circumstances. It is expressly understood and agreed that Mercedes-Benz USA and its parent company and affiliates are not responsible for the negligence or intentional misconduct of the airlines, hotels, or any third parties providing services to you in conjunction with your air travel arrangements, accommodation, meals, etc.
We hope you enjoy your trip in your Mercedes–Benz!

Once You’re Booked

The final steps toward taking delivery

After completing the registration process, Mercedes-Benz will send you a confirmation, insurance information, and other important travel details. You can then take delivery of your vehicle in Germany.

Learn more today:

From planning your itinerary to model eligibility, we can help with questions specific to your situation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing Options
Q: Is it possible to purchase a non-u.s. specification vehicle?
A: MBUSA can only process orders for U.S. specification vehicles.

Is leasing possible?
A: It is possible to lease a vehicle through Mercedes-Benz Financial Services and pick it up at the Delivery Center in Germany. However, the maximum time you can keep a leased vehicle in Europe is one month.

Can I cancel my order?
A: You may cancel your order; however, a $200 cancellation fee will apply.

Q: Which countries are covered under the insurance?
A: AXA Insurance coverage shall apply within the geographical borders of Europe.

Can the duration of insurance be extended?
A: Customers may purchase additional insurance up to twelve months in length. An extension of the International Registration and Insurance beyond its original expiration date is not possible; therefore, it is most important you order exact insurance coverage required at least two weeks prior to delivery date. Please contact your dealer for rates.

Can I purchase insurance on my own?
A: Unfortunately, other insurance companies are not accepted. All vehicles delivered through the European Delivery Program must be covered by AXA Insurance.

Touring Europe
Q: How long can I drive my vehicle in Europe?
A: Up to a maximum of twelve (12) months if purchased, thirty (30) days if leased. The International Registration is limited to the duration of insurance, however not exceeding a maximum period of twelve (12) months from the date of registration. The German Export Registration Plates are not valid in the U.S.

Is an International Driver’s License required while in Europe?
A: If you travel through Austria, Switzerland & Italy an International Driver’s License is needed. It can be obtained from any AAA location in the U.S., and its cost varies. The vehicle must also have a sticker for travel on the roadways, which can be purchased at gasoline stations (Germany and Austria) and at the borders.

Will I be charged European road taxes?
A: If your European Road Insurance/Registration exceeds three (3) months, the road tax is applicable. The Road Tax is payable at time of delivery in Germany.

Are toll stickers required?
A: Toll stickers are also required on all vehicles on Austria, Switzerland, and Italy´s highways. They can be purchased at gasoline stations (Germany,Switzerland & Italy) and at the borders. Authorities in both countries fine heavily for non-compliance with these regulations. “Vignetta” in Italian, a “Vignetten” in German.

Is Navigation Available for European Delivery Orders?
A: European Navigation package works for all classes offered on European Delivery Program. Upon the vehicle’s return to the United States, the US data is entered into the navigation system by our Vehicle Preparation Center.

BECKER PILOT MAPS will not work in Europe and if you have ordered code 001 the Vehicle Preparation Center will include the part in the US before delivery to the dealer. While in Europe, the Delivery Center will provide a portable navigation system at no additional cost to European Delivery orders equipped with the Becker Pilot Maps. The portable unit must be returned at time of drop off. The customer will be required to provide a credit card in the event the portable navigation unit is lost, stolen, damaged, or otherwise not returned.

Will the hotel charge for a third person?
A: Many hotels charge for each additional person, including children. Rates vary by hotel.

What are the European/Austrian laws for winter travel?
A: *While traveling in Europe during the months of November through April, it is the responsibility of the car owner/driver to adhere to local traffic regulations, which require that a vehicle must have winter tires in winter driving conditions, and take appropriate measures for travel in prevailing weather conditions. As stated in the Operator’s Manual for your vehicle, always use winter tires at temperatures below 45 degrees F (7degrees C) and whenever wintry road conditions prevail. See your Operator’s Manual for specific details concerning operation of your vehicle, including information concerning tires and snow chains for winter driving conditions.

While traveling in Austria during winter months of November through April, you must have winter tires.

If you disregard this, you can be assessed with a fine of up to € 5.000.

Austria & Switzerland:
If you travel through Austria, and/or Switzerland an International Driver´s License is needed. It can be obtained from any AAA location in the U.S., and its cost varies. The vehicle must also have a sticker for travel on the roadways, which can be purchased at gasoline stations (Germany and Austria) and at the borders. Authorities in both countries fine heavily for non-compliance with these regulations. These additional costs are the responsibility of the customer.

Cars with “R02 code” All Season Tires (M+S marked on the side of the tire) meet the winter tire laws in Germany and Austria.

Are there any requirements for child safety?
A: German law requires the use of a child safety seat for any child less than 12 years of age and less than 50″ tall.

Delivery to the US

What is required for customs clearance?
A: U.S. Customs requires a copy of passport or driver’s license as well as the Social Security numbers of the individual purchaser and his/her IRS ID Number (EID) if the vehicle is purchased in the name of a company. A street address is also necessary (a P.O. Box is not acceptable). Without this information the vehicle cannot be cleared by customs.

What can be left in the car for ocean shipment?
A: Marine Insurance only covers the equipment as listed on the Confirmation of Order/Invoice. No other accessories or personal effects are covered during transport. Neither the shipping lines nor U.S. Customs allow other items than listed on the Confirmation of Order/Invoice in the car.

What’s the estimated transport time from drop-off to the United States?
A: The approximate transport time from the drop-off location within Germany to the U.S. East Coast is 6-8 weeks to the port, and for West Coast 8-10 weeks to the port, then you must count in addition to this time, one complete week in Customs and ten working days at Vehicle Preparation Center.

Drop-off locations outside Germany require additional three weeks

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