2020 Mercedes-Benz AMG® GT – The Sports Car with Supercar Credentials

January 3rd, 2020 by

2020 Mercedes-Benz AMG® GT Review

Just five years ago, Mercedes-Benz and AMG® Affalterbach revealed the magnificent AMG® GT in all its glory with a mission to go head to head with the likes of the Porsche 911, the Aston Martin Vantage, and the Audi R8. 

The hugely popular sports car brought with it all the aspects to thrill jaded supercar fans, but, fell short of some vital traits to make it competitive enough against rivals in the same category.

So Mercedes-Benz went back to the skunk works at AMG® to fiddle some more with the AMG® GT to give it a makeover, both inside and outside.

On the outside, the 2020 AMG® GT features bigger grills seen on AMG® GT4 race cars, as well as newly designed more appealing LED headlights & taillights. On the inside, there’s a more powerful twin-turbo V8 engine, a new interior, revised handling thanks to rear-wheel steering, and a wider stance.

Under the Hood

The 2020 AMG® GT is quite a looker, but it’s party piece is under that elongated bonnet. The engine is the same, but a more powerful version of the 4.0 liter twin-turbo V8 now producing 469 horsepower and 465 lbs-feet of torque. This up in power translates to a zero to 60 time of only 3.9 seconds with a top speed of 189 MPH.

The revised dual-clutch AMG® Speedshift DCT 7G gearbox makes shifting instantaneous and effortless. The car is more stable at lower RPMs, and you’d notice it gets into top gear rather early to give more than 30 mpg – not bad for a car that produces 469 horsepower. 

The Driving Experience

All that power, the muscle car appearance and superfast gearbox made the AMG® GT a treat to drive and track, too. The reworked engine now feels lighter and thanks to the increase in power the newest AMG® GT delivers more low-end torque than before. 

Giving the AMG® GT more everyday civility was also on the AMG® ‘to-do list,’ and it shows in the way it handles on everyday roads. Even though AMG® made the tweaks needed to make the GT a proper performer, Mercedes-Benz made sure it remained true to the comfort the brand is known for providing. 

The GT’s immense capabilities are veiled on everyday drives, especially if you go into Comfort mode – the ride is smooth, forgiving, and quiet. 

But, if you plan on taking the AMG® GT on the track, you’d immediately notice the car’s agility when you switch into Sport+ mode. 

In Sport+, the steering gets sharper, the noise of the V8 gets louder, the ride gets firmer, and rear wheel steering is always there to allow better turn in for superior maneuverability and perfect exiting of corners. 

The amount of grip generated is phenomenal thanks to wider rear and front tracks that also attribute towards the GT’s muscle car appeal.  

So what you have here is a performer with dual capabilities and the talent to blend in the perfect mix of comfort and performance. 

On the Inside

The 2020 AMG® GT features a reworked interior with a center console that offers a better way of interacting with the car’s features. 

Say hello to the 10.2-inch display in the center of the dash that provides important performance data along with vehicle information, driving mode selections, navigation and connectivity options for your smartphone.

The steering wheel comes wrapped in Nappa leather that not only offers superior grip but also hosts a variety of ergonomically positioned touch-operated controls, all well placed to ensure ease of use under all driving conditions. 

The digital dials provide excellent readability and show several innovative elements depending on what you choose via the touch-sensitive controls on the steering wheel. 

The seats have also been overhauled to offer better lumbar support making the car suitable for every day driving as well as for some exciting time on the track. 

The Experience of Owning an AMG® GT

Does the 2020 AMG® GT offer everyday practicality along with the performance to back its looks? 


Not only does the AMG® GT offer practicality, but it also blends in high-quality performance specs when you need them. For a car that churns out almost 500 horsepower, you get 30 mpg (depending on the driving mode you select). 

This means that you can take the AMG® GT for a cross country adventure, a casual cruise, or a quick blast around your favorite road whenever you want. 

For what it is, the AMG® GT offers superb value as compared to its rivals in the same sector but edges out with superior comfort, updated features while still incorporating all the ingredients that attract driving enthusiasts from all walks of life. 

The older SLS was a hard act to follow given its nature as an everyday cruiser that could also perform like a supercar – but the AMG® GT has done what we didn’t think was possible. 

They have taken something amazing and made it even better.

Time spent with this vehicle made it clear that this is AMG® polishing a product that was already quite good from the start. 

The Verdict

The 2020 Mercedes-Benz AMG® GT, with its improved driving dynamics and updated features, makes it a superb everyday sports car. Once you get in, you are welcomed by the fine quality of materials used on the interior. The AMG® GT feels firmly planted whether you are out for a motorway cruise or a quick jolt around a twisty road. 

Putting aside the car’s phenomenal capabilities, it is also a practical sports car that offers superb practicality without sacrificing performance. There are clever ways of parking, active cruise control and front and rear mounted cameras to help make driving simpler and easier than before. 

After-sales services for AMG® cars have always been excellent, and the build quality of the materials used inside and outside is second to none. 

Overall, the AMG® GT is more than just a V8 powered muscle car; it feels better poised and more mature at the controls, exactly what is expected from an already accomplished Mercedes-Benz product. 

If the AMG® GT still feels mellow to you, there are two more iterations on sale; the GT C, and the record setting GTR.